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About Us

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Who are We?


We are a visionary research, development and innovation partner

We drive sustainable growth and tackle the biggest global challenges of our time through innovative green technologies and turn them into growth opportunities. We are at the sweet spot where innovation and its translation into business for biomaterials scale-up come together.

Our Mission & Vision

Building a team of a future dedicated towards bringing quality, safety and sustainability to life

Disruptive Innovation to save the planet Earth is need of the hour. We solve challenges together where we research and develop with companies, research institutes, universities, technology policy makers and research funders. We develop new sustainable technological innovations and through our networks,  partners and clients work towards its  translational through extensive international knowledge, expertise and ecosystems.

Our Strategy

A brighter future is created through science-based innovations

Our strategy is to help businesses and society to find solutions to global challenges using science and technology which is challenge-driven and inspired by cutting-edge know-how. We find solutions to global challenges. We believe that science, research and technology can help to turn even seemingly insurmountable global challenges into opportunities for growth. We take the latest scientific discoveries in biomaterial science, polymer science and green energy technologies to use them as building blocks for sustainable business for our customers, making every day brighter than the day before. New, revolutionary ideas come from working together with both leading industries and international or national research centers and businesses of all sizes. We build competence networks and innovation ecosystems that enable all of us to learn and grow with ground breaking technologies.

Our Targets

Five challenges that we intend to overcome with the help of cutting-edge science and technology


We are driven by global challenges that we turn into opportunities for growth with our customers. Our strategy focuses on five major global challenges:

Climate Action – Clean Energy for the Future


Climate change can be slowed down if all sectors of the economy pull together start to act now. We champion our customers and help industries to take a profitable routes to transition to a clean energy system and leave fossil fuels behind.

Cradle to Grave (C2G) Approach


Learning more about the life cycle of a product or package opens the opportunity for growth and innovation. We want to use science and technology to pinpoint Companies exact processes in which change and improvement is necessary, leading to cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

Resource Sufficient Bio-economy – Prosperity from Resource Wisdom


Efficient solutions, renewable bio-economy and a circular economy help us to ensure that there are enough resources for everyone with minimal wastes in form of carbon footprint and emissions.

Safety and Security – Resilience in a Turbulent World


The world is safer than ever before, but new threats are emerging with digitization. It is important to be prepared for even the most unexpected phenomena through Artificial Intelligence and Data driven optimizations. Leveraging AI and IoT for environmental sustainability can help maximize our current efforts for environmental protection.

Industrial Renewal – Innovations Empowered Industry


Incorporation of renewable and biomaterials with technologies based on greener solutions increase the efficiency of production processes and create new business opportunities in the industrial sector.

Our focus on global challenges gives our research a greater impact and enables us to build a brighter future. We influence society together with our customers and by ensuring our own scientific and technological excellence.

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