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Prevention is Better when

there is No Cure

BioNanoHub produces BIOMATERIALS inspired by virology which can be used to develop novel tools, products and technologies which are at the forefront in combatting dangerous viruses. We at BioNanoHub are using BIOMATERIALS to design physical and chemical approaches to block and deactivate virus, before they reach hosts and breach the final biological and immunological defenses into respiratory system.

HERE’S HOW we are tapping out the opportunities from BIOMATERIALS which can be utilized to set up barriers, preventive measures and develop products to help combat the spread of COVID‑19 during this unprecedented global health crisis:

Established technology for the preventive equipment:​

  • Mask

  • Gloves

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Technology under devlopment:

  • Smart Hospital Systems

  • Pathogen Detection and Disinfection Systems 

  • Air Purifying and Ventilation Systems

  • Virus Sensing and Water Monitoring Systems

While we are committed to helping industrialists and communities get what they need at this critical time to develop these products, any COVID‑19 related discussions, product developments and technology transfer are at our most priority.



Usage of a face mask has become mandatory in many countries after the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, and its usefulness in combating the pandemic is a proven fact. There have been many advancements in the design of a face mask and the below list describes variety of face masks. BioNanoHub has the technological advancement to develop it with commercial potential and can help in market scale production.


​Nanocellulose Coated Masks:

Nancellulose having nano fibrillar network morphology can effectively block the viruses of the size in nanometer from entering the body. The technology of nanocellulose membrane masks has already been developed, but to make it cost effective a coating of such nanocellulose can be used on normal masks to modify them. Such masks can be used for effectively filter nano size viruses.


Copper Masks:

Studies have shown that copper is quite effective in deactivating the Corona virus in significantly small time. This mask design consists of copper coating or thin sheet of copper fiber that can speed up the process of deactivating virus particles along-with a sheet which has a semi-permanent sterilization effect, potentially stopping them from causing infection.


Ionic Charge Masks:

The fibres of maks are electrostatically charged as most viruses have negative charge and when the virus or the bacteria come in contact with the mask, they get inactivated and unable to enter the respiratory tract.


Antiviral Coating Masks:

The Antiviral mask are based on acid-polymer formulation which are coated on standard FFP2 respirator with an antiviral lay or on the N95 respirators. The technique of coating is know for technologically cost effective and easily scalable.


Antibacterial Coating Masks:

A salt based coatings on a fibre surface is developed which dissolve upon exposure to virus aerosols and recrystallise during drying, destroying pathogens. Easy and affordable technology can be easily integrated to existing masks.

Cooling Masks:

Hot and humid weather makes it difficult to wear mask for long duration also resulting in rash formation or infections. Cooling mask with incorporated hydrogel layers developed provides a soothing cooling sensation preventing the sweat generation, making it more comfortable for usage for longer duration.


Self-powered and Sensing based ‘Smart Masks’:

Our technology to create ‘Smart masks that can sense breathing rates for home monitoring patients The product is especially targeted for the COVID -19 patients who need real-time monitoring and cannot be easily accessed by the medical health practitioners The product  will significantly reduce the contact of patients with doctor and they can be monitored remotely.


Safe and Skincare Masks:

Coated with UV-blocking and antioxidant chemicals, these masks keep the skin rejuvenating, soothe and provide an addictive cooling sensation. The masks contains coats of mixture of biomaterials such as Silk, Clays combined with the cellulose hydrogel provides both protection from viruses due to presence of cationic charge as well as have potential skin benefits.


Gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Same mode of nanocellulose coating, copper coating, ionic coating, antiviral and antibacterial coating can be applied to hand gloves and parts of PPE kit to filter or deactivate the Corona virus. Other than these modes of preparing protective gloves, there are two other gloves and PPE Kit design, which can be used for prtection.

  • Sanitizer Eluting Gloves: By using the nanocellulose based aerogel sanitizer can be trapped with in the gloves and as per the need it can be eluted to disinfect the hands.

  • Self-cleaning Gloves and PPE Kit: The concept of self-cleaning gloves is based on the self cleaning cloth technology, where titanium dioxide based photocatalyst in the presence of ultraviolet light and water vapor forms hydroxyl radicals, which decompose the organic matter. As per scientific investigations such photocatalyst can also inactivate the viruses by photocatalytic decomposition on its surfce. Thus, titanium oxide supported on nacellulose can be used as coating material to make self-cleaning gloves and PPE kit parts, which simultaneously deactivate the viruses and prevent the lots of plastic waste. 

Gloves and PPE
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