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Nanocellulose & Derivatives

(100% biodegradable agro-biomass derived products)

Biodegradable straws

Plastic straws are most attractive in terms of processing and cost, but they mostly come under single use plastics and create a lot of non degradable plastic waste.

Paper based straws are renewable and green alternative to the plastic straws, but they suffer from high wettability and utilize waxes and similar alternatives to make them hydrophobic.

Rice straws and bamboo straws developed through our technology are an effective alternative which contains no adhesives or waxes. They are completely biodegradable, water stable for more then 24 hours, stable in temperatures up to 90°C and mechanically stable which causes 54% less global warming compared to the plastic straws.

Biodegradable Paper

Paper glass are a common commodity available in the market and they are completely biodegradable. But they are made up of wood derived paper with lengthy pretreatment process to get the bright white color. We at Bio-Nano-Hub with our technology are able to produce paper material for paper glass and similar kind of products using any agro-waste as source including rice straws, rice husk, banana stems etc. The paper can be produced in various colors and designs as per requirement.

Biodegradable Thermal Insulation Material

Cosmetic products, fancy gifts and other similar products are generally packaged in boxes with foam to prevent any kind of damage during storage and transportation. These boxes are generally made up of non-degradable polymeric materials like polyurethane.  

While there are paper based food containers which are completely biodegradable, but these containers do not keep food fresh for long.

Winter clothing generally contains non degradable polymeric heat insulative layer.

To reduce the energy consumption during both in summer and winter modern building designs include interior walls and ceiling covered with thermal insulative materials. Similarly large buildings have layering which are fire retardant to prevent the fire to spread in case of fire accidents.

Bio-Nano-Hub has developed a unique material from agro-biomass to provide a suitable completely biodegradable alternative to these materials. Similar to polyurethane, our material can be easily molded in to any shape to make packaging boxes to food containers. Other than that the food containers prepared using this material have thermally insulative properties, keeping food fresh for longer time and increasing its self life. The same material can be used to prepare home and offices interior coating to maintain the building temperature which is fire retardant at the same time providing extra safety during any kind of fire accidents. The same properties of this material can be utilized in the winter clothes where it can play as thermal insulator and at the same time, it can provide the fire retardant properties.

Biodegradable Packaging Film

Plastic based packaging films are quite cheap and attractive and they have become part of day to day life, their non degradable nature is biggest reason behind plastic waste which creates has created a major environmental challenge. 

Bio-Nano-Hub has developed a sustainable and completely biodegradable alternative to the plastic packaging films. Our films are completely vacuum and heat sealable. Transparency of the films can be varied as per requirement and can also be prepared in different colors. Use of any cellulosic agro-biomass as feedstock makes these films attractive as all over the world some form of agro-biomass as waste is available to produce these films.

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